The Best SEO Company & Training
For Small Businesses

We are an SEO company and management company specialized in providing Google search optimization & content management geared for the budgets of small companies.

No Contracts, Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Terms With Our SEO Company Services

Private 1 on 1 SEO Training for Page 1 Results - Available to All Retainer Clients

Website Management & Customer Service Handling for Your Web Customers

Basic Excel Classes
Website Management
Affordable SEO Services

For frequently needed content changes and/or customer service handling needs.

For learning MS Excel spreadsheets & training services.

For increasing the ranking of your natural search engine listings and website traffic.

Our basic MS Excel spreadsheet training classes are geared toward assisting either individuals or small business owners who seek training or tutoring in how to understand and utilize MS Excel, spreadsheets, the ribbon menu, charts and graphs.

Our SEO Training is provided through 1 on 1 private sessions in your home or office. Learn as much or as little as you desire, and at your own pace with a very kind and patient instructor by your side at all times..

Utilizing our website management services is like having your own in-house company web manager .This means having us on-call, on-time, everytime to handle any and all daily tasks necessary for the smooth uninterrupted operation of your e-commerce based or busines website.

Best for small company websites needing frequent service for content changes, shopping cart updates, answering your customer's email inquiries and/or phone calls and handling any technical issues that may arise.

As an SEO Company we provide 2 seperate benefits to our clients:

First by increasing your natural listings on the major search engine's result pages and then by providing the best SEO training that shows you or your in-house staff exactly how we obtained those improvements and how to maintain them yourself.

A short walk through of how our SEO Services work and what to expect can be viewed here.

*Our SEO Training is optional.

Website Management Company Details
Affordable SEO Services
Basic Excel Classes & Computer Lessons

More Website Services:

Website Moving Service
Excel Classes & Computer Lessons

We can convert your Photoshop design pages into an html ready website

For Assistance your company in moving your website and files from one host to another

Basic MS Excel classes & computer ttutor lessons for adults and seniors

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