Our Guarantees Help To Protect Your SEO & Maintenance Investments

SEO Companies are aware of the risks associated with Internet Marketing Campaigns, and so we take pride as an SEO Company by offering to split that risk with you.

Less than expected results means you pay less money

100% Quality Assurance on all projects via pre-approvals

Inclusive with all accounts - no extra fees or charges

Our SEO Company Guarantee

The Web Manager Terms and Conditions

SEO Marketing Guarantee

As your SEO company we guarantee to obtain for your website 1 or more relative search terms of your choice for which your website will be displayed on:

.**Within 6 Months - on the 1st page of a major search engine network's results page such as Google Or Yahoo.

If we can not obtain this result for your website within your first 6 month period of service, you will then be entitled to a refund of 50% of all SEO related payments we received from you for that time period.

** 6 month guarantee becomes void after you continue service beyond the 1st 6 month period OR we obtain a 1st page result for agreed upon keywords or phrases.

Note: For your account to be covered under our guarantee it must remain active and in good standing for the full amount of time covered by the guarantee.

Website Maintenance Guarantee

All website maintenance services are guaranteed for 100% quality assurance and customer satisfaction:

Payment Protection - a 50% account deposit is required to start all new projects. Remaining balance is not due until project completion and client approval.

Design Proofs - upon request up to 3 proofs will be provided at no charge to the client for pre-approval.

Technical Assistance Projects - all technical assistance must be fully paid for in advance and will be fully refunded if the work can not be completed.

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