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While #1 Ranking guarantees simply don't exist today, we feel it sends an important message to website owners that we are willing to at least split the financial burden should our SEO services not be able to attain at least a 1st Page ranking for any SEO projects that we take on. Our promise to you is that if we fail to get your website naturally listed on the first page of either Google, Yahoo or Bing/MSN within 6 months we will reimburse you a full 50% of all retainer costs you've incurred for our already affordable seo services.

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Our 3 Step Walk-through To Higher Search Rankings & Traffic

STEP 1: Our SEO Services GET you there
(How we work - 1st page rankings & increased traffic) - First we need to be perfectly clear about a few points before beginning to read all the text that follows on this page as there is alot information here to digest, both about us and SEO services in general. We do not believe (and neither should you) in most of the "hype" surrounding SEO services and wild claims that spark visions of grandeur within the eyes of poor unsuspecting website owners. While affordable seo services CAN vastly improve your website's bottom line by introducing increased amounts of well targeted traffic and higher search engine rankings there is no guarantee that this will automatically equate into huge amounts of sales as there are other factors involved that can drastically effect your conversions (yes, we can also help to improve these for you as well, but that's not the point right now). Another big misconception is that most people think that once their website makes it to page 1 on the search engines that they will just be able to sit back and watch the money rolling in. This couldn't be farther from the truth because just being on page 1 does not always mean that you're going to see alot of traffic, sometimes perhaps, but not all the time. The traffic from a page 1 listing should be looked at as an additional boost to your overall traffic numbers and not as the one and only key to your success. Why?, maximizing your overall internet exposure (beyond the search engines) is extremely important because many times being on page 1 alone will simply not produce enough traffic by itself to ensure instant success.The type of SEO services you will receive from us have been developed over a long period of time and only through the cooperation of a network of experienced folks who are all willing to work as a team by combining our knowledge and separate skills so that we can offer it to you as an affordable seo package. You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and truly honest group of seo'ers than us. We're here to try and help you to be successful in what you are doing and this is how we tend to judge our own success. We are as emotionally involved in each of our client projects as you are with your own so we take our successes and failures very personally here. Also, the amount of personal attention each of our clients receive from us is clearly above the norm and is indicative of just how hands-on we are and how intensive our efforts can be.

Lets get you introduced and give you a brief understanding of what our SEO services are all about. One important factor to bring up right away for anyone who may be learning about our affordable seo services for the first time is that we employ NO SALESMEN here. This means that when you call us on the phone you will never have to worry about being subjected to any sales pitches or "fluff". in most cases you will be speaking directly with either one of the owners or an actual project leader. We are family owned & operated and our team network members have over 80 years of internet and teaching experience combined. We currently are providing affordable SEO services to individuals, sole proprietorships, small businesses and corporate offices with less than 350 employees.

The next thing we need to bring to your attention is the fact that we only take on a limited number of SEO projects at a time, so getting us on the phone so that we can properly evaluate your particular circumstances as well as your website and it's current situation is of course important because this is what will dictate whether or not we will be able to take on your SEO project at the time. Although our team is highly experienced, it is intentionally kept small so that we can greatly intensify all servicing efforts into only a small number of projects at a time. While this allows our SEO services to provide an unparalleled amount of attentiveness to each of our client projects it also means that at times, and for various reasons, we are forced to defer many projects that come our way, and in some cases even decline new projects. Not to worry however, because once you are all setup with our affordable seo services the work is in our hands and you can begin to relax a bit, rest assured in knowing that we work relentlessly with our client websites to increase your traffic and search engine ranking potential. We said only to rest a bit because we're going to need your help, at least in the beginning stages... so here we go:

(Our Promise)

1st Page Rankings, everyone wants them but not everyone is going to get them, simply put, and that's why our SEO services provide all of our clients with a solid no-nonsense SEO Marketing Services Guarantee. We feel it sends an important message to website owners that as an SEO services company we are willing to at least split the financial burden should our SEO services not be able to attain at least a 1st Page Ranking for any SEO services projects that we take on. Our promise to you is that if we fail to get your website naturally listed on the first page of either Google, Yahoo or Bing/MSN within 6 months we will reimburse you a full 50% of all retainer costs you've incurred for our seo services. Although this doesn't occur very often it does happen and we are prepared to deal with this as it's more or less an SEO's fact of life. What happens however, in most cases where we need more time to attain page 1 rankings, is that you will most likely still be very pleased with the traffic and sales increase stemming from all that work and you'll want us to continue on y regardless of the fact that you may not yet be on page 1. Typically in this case it's simply a matter of some more time and as long as the ROI is positive and you aren't losing money at this point then there's no reason to stop. In the majority of cases though, 6 months should be enough of a time frame to secure you top page rankings for at least a few very good performing key phrases, and in some cases only a few months may be necessary for the lesser competitive phrases.

(How We Do It?, through hard work!)

To "get you there" we use a combination of white hat SEO techniques which you may already be familiar with. There's no magic wand that we offer and contrary to what some might like you to believe there's no rocket science involved with SEO services. There's no hidden industry secrets to uncover either. What we give you is one of the hardest working teams in the SEO industry today and with some time, some very convincing results. All it entails is some basic knowledge and understanding of certain concepts, a few years of experience is a huge help of course as is an enormous allotment of time. It takes many hundreds if not thousands of laborious hours to attain high rankings and traffic for moderately competitive key words/phrases. It can be a tedious task there's no doubt and this is the main reason why our affordable SEO services exist. You can't expect your website to be on top of the world in 6 months if you aren't willing or able to do the work, and do it for many hours each week, in fact in the beginning it's close to being a full time job for us when we begin any new project.

On-page optimizations, properly set and phrased meta tags, interior link structuring, link building, article writing, blogging, social networking sites and proper key phrase research and selection are just some of the basic techniques we utilize in our SEO services to get your website a top page search ranking. In the beginning stages of your project it is important that we have daily access to your website's decision making person as initially there is bound to be a plethora of pertinent phone conversations back and forth for at least the first few weeks of setting up. Most of these conversations will be related to gathering opinions, pre-authorizations for any textual writings and/or website changes, research results, decisions, etc.

(How We Charge)

We work with your website hour after hour, week after week doing whatever is necessary to gain you those very important results you seek. Don't worry, our fees are not hourly rated. We charge a flat rate monthly retainer fee. The exact fee will depend upon certain factors such as keyword competitiveness of your industry, what type and size of website/business it is that we're helping to promote, how many keywords and pages you need optimized within the first 6 months, your budget -vs- your time constraints -vs- your goals. Again, no need to worry because we will take you by the hand and take care of everything for you. You will need a budget of at least $600/month or more and you will want to give it at least a 3 month trial period.

(Integrity, Honesty...the most important aspect of our business model. We say it like it is and we ALWAYS follow through)

It doesn't happen overnight but when it happens we will be there. We truly care about the money you will be investing into this type of project and you'll find us to be an extremely dedicated, forthright and honest group of people doing a serious job and obtaining some serious results through working long hours. We feel that our level of service is difficult to come by in this industry so we take great pride in providing a team that does a truly great job, a team you will learn to trust and an SEO services company that you can count on.

STEP 2: Our SEO Services KEEP you there (Maintaining the search values & traffic we've attained) - This is an important topic to discuss and something that many people fail to take into consideration when planning their SEO budget. Staying on top also requires a plan! Once your website has gained good search engine value and widespread visibility that doesn't mean that you can now stop all SEO related work. In fact, if you fail to maintain your rankings and overall visibility you can pretty much count on being able to watch it all slowly fade away, and sometimes the deterioration can happen fairly quickly. The more competitive your key terms are the faster you will lose whatever position you've previously been able to attain. Also, old links pointing to your site from other websites often get removed as does some old or outdated content. In addition to this, your competitors may be working hard everyday on their SEO efforts which means they are constantly gaining ground on you, so if you stop all efforts it is likely that you will lose ground. In extremely competitive markets you can actually lose ground almost daily it seems while in lesser competitive markets the drop off can be much slower. The only way to avoid this happening to you is to make sure that you or your SEO services company remain vigilant when it comes to your SEO campaign. So, just because you made first page on a great search term doesn't mean it's ok to stop all efforts. As far as search rankings are concerned there is always work to be done, and this work really never ends if you plan on staying at or near the top of the search engine results pages (SERP's as they're referred to). You have 2 options, either staying with our SEO services OR taking the time to maintain it yourself. We can accommodate you either way... yes, we said EITHER WAY!

Of course we can stay on top of things for you and maintain your good positions and traffic numbers. In fact, due to the reduced workload your monthly retainer rates should dramatically drop off at this point so your SEO budget will be even more affordable, BUT, for those who have the time and wish they knew how to do all of this themselves this is where we can really be of tremendous help (read more about this in STEP #3 posted below).

STEP 3: Our SEO Services Can Train You 1 on 1 (*Free of charge to all clients)

(Yes we can maintain it for you, but we are also willing to train you to maintain it yourself saving you thousands in seo costs)

Yes, it's FREE... we offer all of our retainer clients the chance to sit with us (either in person or from the comfort of their home or office) and learn step by step exactly what we've done to achieve your results and then be taken by the hand and shown how to achieve it yourself. This is not a shared class type setting where you are asked to join a voice server or VOIP server with a dozen other people and then take notes all evening. We're providing a true 1 on 1 hands-on environment for you to learn and actually perform alongside us, all the techniques necessary for you to maintain your website's improved standings which we've achieved for you. The skills we teach to you can then be utilized by yourself or your staff and applied to achieve more high rankings for new search terms without the continued need for 3rd party SEO services. The amount of money saved by performing your own SEO work over a 1 year period, even for the smallest of companies, can be staggering. We offer this opportunity as simply an option (it is not a mandatory requirement) because we want you to see first hand just how honest we truly are and how much your overall success means to us, afterall, if you've got the time to commit to it then there's no reason to keep paying us forever. It is our job as consultants, helpers and teachers to aid in keeping your business healthy and by doing our job right we hope you will recommend our SEO services to others over the years.

As you can see, as an SEO services company there's much we have to offer for anyone who may be seeking affordable SEO services. We provide exceptional value via high ethical standards, convincing results, a solid but limited guarantee and even free 1 on 1 SEO training.

If you are interested in our SEO services we invite you to call and tell us your story. Tell us about your website, your business and a little about yourself. Tell us about your goals, what your expectations are and what it is that you'd like to get out of this. The more we know, the better we can understand and help to get you going in the right direction.

FEES: Retainer style services with weekly, monthly and quarterly payment options. Rates for our SEO Services start at around $590 per month and up depending upon specific site needs and you should expect to budget for results at least 90 days out or more. If you need to lower costs even further please take a look at our page on Search Engine Optimization Consulting .

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