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We fill a sorely needed niche as an seo company by providing full website management and seo services under 1 roof, and do so with the same care & attention to detail as you would.

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Try asking the owner of a successful business website exactly what was involved in getting it all setup and built to the successful point where they are today and there's a good chance that they might not know exactly where to begin explaining it all, let alone having the time to. Developing and operating a busines website is an extremely time consuming process and for many website owners a bit overwhelming at times.

Everything You Need Under 1 Roof

While there are some good web managers and marketing professionals to be found it can be very expensive hiring out for these as separate services and most will not help you to really grow your business. Very careful coordination between designers, marketing, tech staff and customer service reps is crucial to the smooth uninterrupted operation & financial success of any online business (because one always effects the other) and therefore having as many of these services housed and managed under 1 roof is usually the smarter approach for smaller businesses and will usually yield the best results in maintaining a worry-free & profitable web based business environment for you...and this is where we can help.

Website Services: As Much or As Little As You Need...

The Web Manager provides a very specialized and personalized on-going service which actually helps website owners with building up and running their entire online business. There are also many types of one-time assistance services we can provide and they usually can be customized to fit your particular needs. For example... if you only need help with website design we can accommodate that, or if you only need someone to help you obtain better search rankings on Google using SEO techiques we can certainly limit our involvement for that goal alone. Perhaps you don't have the time available on certain days to handle customer inquiries, or to perform certain tasks such as e-commerce inventory changes. You may also decide to start off slowly with us and then add additional services later on.

Whatever your specific need is we can most likely put together a very reasonable service plan for you. We can join up with you either at the beginning stages of a new project or long after your business has been established and we will work with your site as if it were our own... with lots of attention to detail, fresh content updates, constant SEO marketing tweaks and fast response rates to your customer's inquiries.

We become a virtual partner and extension of you, your website and your ideas. We want to help you properly facilitate & implement those ideas and to also offer our own ideas & expertise when needed. We can get the site online for you of course, but we continue to stand by it and work with you constantly on promoting it, running it, handling customers, maintaining it and dealing with any tech issues along the way. It is very much like having your own personal website assistant. It is our extreme devotion and commitment to helping you actually run your entire online business on a daily basis which makes us stand out and sets us apart from the usual.

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