Website Maintenance
...and so much more

Assisting with Page Edits, Graphics, CMS, Content Changes, Inventory Changes, Photoshop Conversions, Coupons, Emailers, Re-design services and more.

Basic Website Maintenance Services

Shopping Cart and Store Maintenance

Technical Assistance & Website Design Services

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Available for E-commerce

and Non E-commerce Sites

• Non E-commerce Maintenance

copy writing

graphics: creating/adding/editing

textual edits

layout & design editing

favicon creation & installation

re-designing pages or entire sites

• E-commerce Maintenance

CMS (updating & editing)

store inventory updates & changes

special sales & price changes

adding new products/photos/descriptions

creating coupons, coupon codes & emailers

• Technical Maintenance

website moving & migration

new website installations

setting up credit card processing gateways

handling of communications with service providers

converting photoshop designs to html

(* Not meant to be a complete list of all of our website maintenance services. Please call or email if there is something you need which is not listed.)

Our website maintenance services are for assisting website owners in the development, technical and content related aspects of their websites.

We welcome both one-time and periodic maintenance projects alike, from the most simplistic personal jobs such as page edits and content changes to the more highly complex e-commerce projects. No matter what you're maintenance needs are, rest assured in knowing that your website is in good hands and is backed by our 100% quality assurance policy. Please click here to view our website maintenance guarantee.

FEES: Costs will of course vary greatly depending upon your needs so please call or email us for more information. Our minimum charge for maintenance services is currently $50.00 (with the exception of our Favicon Creation & Installation service which is typically less).

For more frequent website maintenance (or other daily/weekly service needs) please consider our Website Management option.

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