Website Content Management Services
...when you need help running it

Assisting with Customer Email Monitoring & Response, Inbound Phone Inquiries, Customer Tech Support, Store Changes/Additions, Frequent Updates and more.

Customer Service Handling

Frequent Store Maintenance and/or CMS Updates

Research & Development , Limited Partnerships Considered

Website & Content Management

Best Suited For E-commerce Websites Needing Frequent

Updates Or Assistance In Customer Handling

• Customer Service Handling

email monitoring & responding

answering inbound phone inquiries

customer product issues and returns

customer ordering issues

customer tech support issues

packing/shipping help

Research & Development Services

developing multi-site environments

new products/services research

securing new host provider services

securing new credit card gateway services

limited partnership considerations

• Frequent Store/CMS Maintenance & Tech Services

daily/weekly content changes, CMS additions and edits

special price offerings and promotions management

email list management services

website & shopping cart installations

service provider management services

(* Not meant to be a complete list of all of our website management services. Please call or email if there is something you need which is not listed.)

Our website management services are for assisting website owners in the daily/weekly operating tasks associated with specific areas of their business websites. While website management services can include such things as daily/weekly content updates and promotional campaign managment, website management services can often times include additional aspects apart from just the site itself such as Customer Service Handling and Research & Development.

Whether the internet presence of your website is very small requiring service for only a few hours per week or larger requiring 40+ hours per week, our retainer style plans keep the billing simple and ensure you will not incur extra fees for varying changes in the type of website management services rendered during the month. Some days you may require us to spend more time with customer service duties and on other days you may want us assigned to updating your CMS for a new shipment of arriving makes no difference to us as your plan can be setup for all website management services to be inclusive. This is very much like having your own in-house website manager/assistant. Our Email Monitoring & Quick Response Services are second to none with the majority of your customer's inquiries being answered in less than 15 minutes from the time they're received.

FEES: We provide both weekly & monthly payment plan options as well as contract billing for qualified companies & individuals. Please call to discuss your exact needs and pricing, or email us for more information. Our bare minimum retainer fee is currently at $65/wk. or $260/mo. for the smallest websites requiring only a few hours of service each week.

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